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fanart art artists on tumblr digital art photoshop jinx arcane jinx vi arcane lol league of legend art league fanart caitlyn silco ekko jayce mel medarda cait x vi powder 240 notes Nov 23rd, 2021.


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Tons of awesome Arcane Jinx wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Arcane Jinx wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images.

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Arcane Jinx Wallpaper Designed By Maddie Bennett from Twitter. jinx-arcane-wallpaper-18 Download. arcane-wallpaper-19 Download. Arcane Jinx Phone Background 20.. MOBILE-Jinx-Arcane Live Mobile Wallpaper. 1 file(s) 3.08 MB. Download. File Size: 3.2 mb; How to add a live wallpaper for your ANDROID MOBILE PHONE. Submitted By: Silco; June 21, 2022.

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Oohhh I'm flattered that you come to me with a request 🥺💘I've never written for Silco before but I'll give it a shot! Edit: this kinda became a Viktor/Silco x reader thing as well :3.

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Jan 15, 2022 - #arcanefanart#fanart#art#sevika#caitlyn#vi#ekko#vander#ekko#marcus#mel#viktor#jayce#silco#jinx#powder#arcane#zaun#piltover#leaugeoflegends#father#daughter#love#pain Instagram: decydoodles_.

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51 Likes, 21 Comments. TikTok video from Kiki🍒 (@freaky_kikixx): "Fanart of Jinx 💙team Jinx anyone? #arcane #arcanefanart #jinxarcane #fyp". DRAWING 💙JINX💙 ⚔️ARCANE League of Legends🔮. whokilledxix UNRELEASED.

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Currently really looking forward to a Silco x Florist! Reader and the Jinx x Reader Modern AU. Also excited to finally finish my Jayce fic so he can evacuate my brain-like good sir, you need to pay rent. 14. At what point in writing do you come up with a title? Oh man, probably towards the end unless it comes up naturally in the writing process. jinx x gn reader tad bit.

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Quando Silco morre por suas mãos, Jinx sabe que ela voltará a ser o que a vozes na sua cabeça dizem que ela é: Azar. Sem ninguém para ama-la e amar de volta, Jinx acha que é melhor desistir. Vi só quer sua irmã de volta, mesmo que isso signifique que ela precisará batalhar muito para tê-la de volta, felizmente ela ainda pode contar.

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level 2. · 8 mo. ago. no. it's clear to me they have a sexual relationship. i'm not sure if they have had sex. it's possible silco didn't want to do that to her but he obviously loves her in a sexual way. she must feel similarly towards him too but also in a fatherly way. 7. Continue this thread. level 2.

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Silco is a tall and thin middle-aged man with pale skin, black hair with grey streaks styled into an undercut, a right blue eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of his face. His most notable trait is his left eye, which lacks an eyelid and appears to be heavily discolored, with an orange iris and black sclera.

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Silco was a Zaunite drug lord and industrialist, and the adoptive father of Jinx. A tyrannical and brutal individual, he was a radical supporter of Zaun's independence from Piltover and was willing to do just about anything to achieve it. Silco and Vander were close during their youth, and the two of them once fought together in order to free Zaun from Piltover's repressive rule. However, due.

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Ironically, Silco ended up being exactly who Jinx needed in her troubled years. Of course, one can't talk about villains in Arcane without bringing up Jinx's employer and father figure, Silco.The sinister, scar-faced schemer is introduced as a vicious crime lord with. 2022. 1.

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Just Jinx Shimmerson. Yes, Fishbones is alive in this AU. arcane arcane fanart arcane jinx arcane viktor arcane silco shimmerson adventures arcane au my art fanart fishbones he's like a weird shark dog/cat something they found him in a dumpster that's why his name is Fishbones.

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PRETTY - A Silco POV. Set somewhere around Chapter 5 of Drink With Me. Originally posted by bluedaddysgirl. Silco knows the signs well enough by now, given the daily nature of their occurrence. The almost inaudible creak of wood. The flit of a petite shadow. The gentle clack of bullet shells and buckles. She's getting better though.

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Silco is a tall and thin middle-aged man with pale skin, black hair with grey streaks styled into an undercut, a right blue eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of his face. His most notable trait is his left eye, which lacks an eyelid and appears to be heavily discolored, with an orange iris and black sclera.

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Jinx's reputation grew, leaving the people of Zaun divided as to whether she was a hero for sticking it to the arrogant Pilties, or a dangerous lunatic for escalating existing tensions between their two cities. After months of ever-increasing carnage, Jinx unveiled her biggest plan yet. In her trademark electric pink, Jinx daubed the walls of.

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Arcane Jinx (League Of Legends) TV Show VI (League Of Legends) league of legends jinx league of legends netflix tv shows artstation Silco (League Of Legends) Ekko (League of Legends) Caitlyn (League Of Legends) Jinx Crazy Jinx Arcane Fanart Jinx Anime And Manga. 3840x2160px. 2480x1860px.

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Riot Games presents Arcane , a new animated streaming television series on Netflix from the world of League of Legends . Champions Jinx and Vi struggle to overcome their.

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It's Jinx now. Powder fell down a well. Jinx, also known as Powder, is a lead character appearing in Arcane. and an ophaned Zaunite. With her parents deaths while she was very young, she and her sister Vi were taken in by Vander, the unspoken leader and protector of the Lanes.

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Silco took Jinx’s shoulder and turned her over to face him and the look of her expression brought him nothing but delight. She was tired, close to sleep, but she pried her eyes open to look at him. She wanted to ask him a million questions, and maybe she would in the morning, but as Silco pulled the blankets down, something caught her eye.

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Be ready for spoilers!Their story, relationship was the most interesting part in the whole series, especially Silco's arc. Can't forgive Jinx his death :( bu.

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X Reader Blog Jinx stole my heart 💙💜💙 ... Friendly reminder that fan-made content (fanart, fanfic, fanvids, etc) are:. Keep reading. #arcane imagines #arcane headcanon #viktor x reader #jayce x reader #silco x reader #vander x reader #ekko x reader #jinx x reader #vi x reader #caitlyn x reader #. Jinx x fem reader. warnings: none.

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Fem!/Gn! Reader oneshots for the Netflix series Arcane One shots also published on my tumblr and ao... ARCANE preferences + headcannons. 77 parts. Ongoing. Welcome! This book will contaim swearing The characters involved •jinx •Vi •caitlyn •viktor •jayc... Arcane x Reader Oneshots. 4 parts.

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Jinx uses Zapper, her shock pistol, to fire a blast that deals damage to the first enemy hit, slowing and revealing it. E Flame Chompers! Jinx throws out a line of snare grenades that explode after 5 seconds, lighting enemies on fire. Flame Chompers will bite enemy champions who walk over them, rooting them in place. R Super Mega Death Rocket!.

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" Jinx & Silco " Fanart Arcane. Arcane league of legends Fanart " Jinx "Beginning of 8 Bit World. Character of 8 Bit World. 百鬼夜行 "Hyakki Yako" ... Bluebearry Fan Art "Carrot Wars" BlueBearry - DeathStranding. Bearry, Loy Kratong Festival. Halloween Blue Bearry. Happy Mother's Day. GoGo!! Robeo. BlueBearry - LionKing.


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With the death of Silco ( Jason Spisak ), Zaun is going to need a new leader. That leader is likely to come from <b>Silco's</b> right-hand woman Sevika ( Amirah Vann) who is seen in another fly-by shot. <b>Silco</b> <b>Silco</b> arcane arcane art arcane <b>fanart</b> <b>Silco</b> art <b>Silco</b> <b>fanart</b> arcane <b>Silco</b> arcane art digital art <b>fanart</b> artsy. 7.

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this took way longer than anticipated grumpy silco might be my favourite thing to draw now drink with me dwm fanart silco drink with me fanart. 225 notes. 225 notes ... the faces the hands i am in love arcane fanart silco jinx art. 7,361 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; progress gifs. drink.

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Jinx & Silco by Snegovski. gotta-try-harder-this-time liked this.

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Jinx and Viktor fanart by me. I did this last week, I hope you guys like it. Took me around 3 hours each. I want to paint Silco next, he's my second fav character. 🖤 And fun fact, my first digital painting was Cait and Vi, back in 2014. https://twitter.com/artAntiacida/status/1462523248579694598 0 comments 88% Upvoted.

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So far just Oneshots coming to my mind that might or might not be updated, but I love the family relationship between Jinx and Silco and HAD to write for them. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Vi, JinxSilco acts like normal. A bit more cheerful, sure, but only the slightest bit. He gets a bit sad taking down all the decorations.

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Jan 15, 2022 - #arcanefanart#fanart#art#sevika#caitlyn#vi#ekko#vander#ekko#marcus#mel#viktor#jayce#silco#jinx#powder#arcane#zaun#piltover#leaugeoflegends#father#daughter#love#pain Instagram: decydoodles_. Silco is a tall and thin middle-aged man with pale skin, black hair with grey streaks styled into an undercut, a right blue eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of his face. His most notable trait is his left eye, which lacks an eyelid and appears to be heavily discolored, with an orange iris and black sclera.

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Male Jinx and Mommy Silco sketch💕 ... digital art arcane silco paint tool sai league of legends riot arcane fanart arcane silco arcane jinx. 415 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Guys. I am so sorry for being rather inactive lately, but i really need some time for myself to kill my inner demons again.

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I made an Arcane fanart, Silco and Jinx are my favorite characters.

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Tons of awesome Arcane Jinx wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Arcane Jinx wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images.

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jinx fanart jinx and silco jinx talks jinx lol love jinx jinx the loose cannon jinx silco arcane silco silco silco headcanon silco fanart lol silco jinxarcane art arcane jinx arcane arcane fanart jinx x silco . 4 notes Apr 22nd, 2022. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ;.

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A lovingly curated selection of 360+ free hd Jinx (League Of Legends) wallpapers and background images. Perfect for your desktop pc, phone, laptop, or tablet - Wallpaper Abyss ... Fanart: Jinx - LoL Artist: TheBananafly. 15 13,048 3 0 Jinx 3840x2160 - TV Show.

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Download 3D Print Models jinx bust - arcane fanart obj stl by nlsinh ID: 376111. Rating: 0.00, Vote(s): 0. jinx league-of-legends stylized netflix 3dprint 3dprinting statue figure bust arcane . There are no comments for this item. Share: Related Items-40%. obj stl obj stl obj stl stl obj stl.

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arcane jinx and silco jinx fanart vi and jinx jinx jinx x ekko netflix anime edit anime fanart anime icons youtube edited icons my edit fan edit manga edit marvel edit photo edit art silco league of legends silco silco imagine silco x oc dc fanart dc dcomics dc dcmultiverse dc fandome dc comics marvel moviegifs. 17 notes Dec 1st, 2021. Open in.

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